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New Arrival Cargo Trike

New Arrival Cargo Trike

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New Arrival Cargo Trike

As we know Many European cities are taking steps to ban cars in their own ways from city centers. While the electric car and electric bicycle will be the main stream of urban transportation.

At present the demand of electric cargo tricycle is also increasing rapiddly . The cargo tricycle is very helpful for last mile delivery or short distance delivery in the city.  YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

 YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

Now we will recommend our new model of cargo trike, it is with powerful 500watt differential motor , 48v 20ah lead acid battery, durable aluminum Triple fork, tekrro haydrauic disc brakes. YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

 CARGO TRIKE.jpgYKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

It can carry 300-350kgs cargos max. YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

 YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

Other models:YKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

 zzmerck cargo trikes c..jpgYKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

44acd29a33c41e030ba84a5a02a9016a.jpgYKMMotrike - More Trike, More Fun

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