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Power-assisted Tricycle Sharing in London

Power-assisted Tricycle Sharing in London

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Power-assisted Tricycle Sharing in London

electric tricycle sharing

 From February 1st, Veluba, a power-assisted tricycle sharing platform, will pilot a Uber-style shared service in London, and a fleet of six "tricycles" will begin accepting orders on the South Bank of London.311Motrike - More Trike, More Fun

Passengers pay a £3 booking fee for a ride each time, and on this basis they pay a mileage fee of 1.25 pounds per mile. Users can pay by mobile phone.
Each tricycle is equipped with a safety belt, USB interface and surveillance camera to ensure passenger safety, and the speed is limited within 15.5.
Veluba spokesperson Dave Beverley said: "This is a very interesting short-distance mode of transportation that allows people to travel more conveniently in central London. We can reach anywhere the passenger wants to reach, covering the roads that are difficult for cars to enter."
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From next month, there will be 30 new cars added to the sharing service.
Siwan Hayward, head of traffic regulations at Transport for London, said: “Tricycle Hayes is currently the least regulated of all public transport in London. What we can do is very little, but we are doing our best to ensure dangerous and irresponsible owners can't be on the road.
At present more and more people choose green lifestyle. So various of electric tricycles for transporting people or goods in the city in an ecological way become an alternative.
This velo tricycle is an emission-free and personalized means of urban transport, and an eye-catching, mobile outdoor advertising medium. It can be moved quickly and flexiable in the street and corner.
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