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Model/Price: M-TB01, US $2,400-2,800

Review: The Velotaxi is modern electric tricycle with a positive image: eco-friendly, innovative, flexible and sporty. It is designed for running a professional passenger transport/sightseeing/delivery business.

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The Velotaxi is modern electric tricycle with a positive image: eco-friendly, innovative, flexible and sporty. It is designed for running a professional passenger transport/sightseeing/delivery business, combined with the commercialization of the vehicles - especially the cabin surface - as a highly visible, mobile out-of-home media. It could bring innovation, environmental protection and economic efficiency.
Go green concept
Climate change and air pollution force us to realize the importance of environmental protection. Higher fuel prices have driven up transportation costs. More and more people choose green lifestyle. Velotaxi gives an ideal solution for people's desire for eco-friendly and economical. It helps us to build a new concept of going green.
The cabin is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, making it stand out from other pedicabs. The standard colour for the cabin is white. It can be used as advertisement space by covering the whole surface or parts of it with large stickers. What makes the cabin unique in comparison with the traditional rickshaws is that for the first time in pedicab history, the rider is included in the cabin, allowing him to share the same space and protection with the passengers.
Advertising concept
The upright seat angle can be easily adjusted to one of three positions between 42 to 49 degrees.
Velotaxis rent the surface to advertising and event clients, and offer various services such as sightseeing tours, free shuttles during big events like trade fairs, sporting events, delivery and courier services, etc
Humanitarian features
The specially designed steel frame combines stability and comfort during the ride.
The aerodynamic designed cab has enough space so that the driver and two passengers with light luggage have comfortable seats.
An ergonomic semi-reclining seat provides an effective power transfer.
The headlights, turn signals and tail lights make you ride more safe.
EPAC ((Electrically Power Assisted Cycle)
The Velotaxi is equipped with electric assist, which is the same as on a regular electric-assisted bicycle. The electric assist cannot work without pedaling, it is controlled by a torque sensor. Without pedaling, the Velotaxi does not move. The maximum speed is 20 km/h.
The batteries can be charged with a special charger that is plugged into a normal 110V or 220V power source. The capacity of the batteries largely depends on how much they are used. Experienced drivers can get through their 6 hour day without running out of battery power.  
Low maintenance
Most of the consumable parts used to build the Velotaxi are standard bicycle components that your local bike shop will be able to service.
Technical Data     Components        
Overall width 110 cm Frame High carbon steel
Overall height 175 cm Cabin Recyclable PE, standard white
Overall length 307 cm Tires 19-2.25"
Track width 100 cm Rim Aluminum alloy
Wheel base 256 cm Front brake Mechanical disc brake
Weight 160 kg Rear brakes Hydraulic disc brake
Wheel size 19" Brake levers Aluminum alloy
Max. load 300 kg Gears Shimano 6 gears
Rider height 155-190 cm Crankset DAPU 38T with torque sensor pedal assist
        Motor DAPU 48v 500w rear hub motor
        Battery 48v 32Ah lead acid battery
        Display DAPU LCD display

 Q1: What colors are available?
A: The cabin is made of 100% recyclable PE (polyethylene),colored plastic. The standard color is white.

Q2: How fast does it go?
A: The top speed is electronically limited to 20 kph for safety reasons.

Q3: How many miles can it travel on a single charge?
A: It depends on weight, assistance, terrain, weather conditions etc. The estimated range is 50 miles (80 km).

Q4: How much weight can the bike carry?
A: The bike is rated to carry a total of 300 kg, including the rider.

Q5: Can it go up hills with 2 passengers on them?
A: It is designed for urban transport and traveling on a flat route. It can only go up slight hills.

Q6: Why don't you mount the side doors?
A: The open design of the velotaxi helps preserve the sense of joy and freedom that is inherent in riding the bike. What's more, the open body provide a good view for passengers while travel among tourist attractions.

Q7: Does it have a storage place under the passenger seat?
A: It doesn't have. But the rear seat of the cabin provides room for two passengers with hand luggage.

Q8: Does it come fully assembled or do I have to put it together?

A: It comes fully assembled.



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